Paying  for  internet  services,  why  not  be  part  of  a  Local  Group  eFfort TO  help  Others  while  also  helping  yourself

Try  Internet  Services  from   and  be  awarDed  wHEN  YOU  SponsOR  others  for  Great  Internet  services


With Area Rebate Money

Finally an answer for the rest of us!

is a full fledged internet service provider covering Ramona and San Diego County. Internet services are also available in California, Las Vegas City area, and country wide.

With you get internet access, plus great value with an extra incentive, instant and monthly rebates awarded to you just for have others also sign-up.

Various  internet  Service  Packages  Are  Available

Unlimited Dial-up Access Account Package*

At $10 per month, this package includes the following:

Local dial-up access toll free telephone numbers. A unique access user name plus password. Unlimited internet access with no time usage restrictions. Standard 56 K modem compatibility.

Plus a personal e-mail address with up to three aliases. With a unique user name, and user changeable password. You also get the capability of e-mail forwarding and vacation responding.

Plus your own personal web sited hosted for you with 20 MB of web space and FrontPage extensions enabled.

An Additional separate E-mail / Web Site Account Package

Available at $5 per month. Same as above, except without dial-up access.

Your Own Domain Name Web Site Host Package

At $10 per month you can have your web site hosted on our professional server.

You pay the domain name registration fee of $10 per year.

You have direct access to your own domain name web site, i.e. through webmaster password protected access.

With /siteadmin you control day-to-day use and availability of your own domain name web site and e-mail accounts.

FrontPage extension capable.

Other Service Packages Are Available Upon Request

E-commerce at $30 per month, and other costs maybe incurred.

DSL access as low as $55 per month after installation

NetWARM Stands for interNet With Area Rebate Money**

Just by signing up (and of course paying) for services, and then sponsoring a friend to sign-up for service, you receive a one time rebate of $5 in the new silver certificates. Then when you have two friends sign-up for services, you receive a monthly rebate of $5 in silver certificates. And as two more friends signs-up for service, the monthly rebates will grow by $5 each time. The monthly rebates are paid in the new American Liberty Currency dollar silver certificates. For details on ALC check out the web site at:

The rebate program information can be found on the web site at:

Obtain an internet service order form at a local participating sponsor, or on the web site at:

Why choose Netwarm over the competition

Because you get superior service at the best possible price, while also receiving "Real" money when you refer others to the service and rebate program.

Why More people are getting on-line every day

Information is and will be the key to success.

The internet has made it almost effortless to find the information you are looking for.

If businesses, governments, libraries and schools have gone on-line, why shouldn’t also your household?

There has been a drastic technology improvement over the last three years.

The basic standard modem connection speeds are now at a respectable rates of 41 to 53 Kbps.

Personal computers today are now faster, easier to use, more capable, and less expensive, with prices as low as $600.

The internet has to Offer many other things Besides Just web pages and e-mail

You will be able to have:

Software downloading, a lot that is free

Audio and video streaming

Real time radio and TV feeds from all over the world

MP3 music delivery

Free long distance telephone

Video conferencing

Practically unlimited information on just about any subject

3,300+ newsgroups to select from

Increased home business capability on par with the big guys.

What you can do today with the internet
is really just limited by your imagination.

And It all adds up to one thing

Now is the time to come out of the caveman days and
into the 21st century information age.

By all means, sign-up for internet services right away and also get money for referring others to

Hope to catch up with you later surfing the internet and/or the world wide web.

*The $10/month dial-up access service is only available in California and Las Vegas area.

** Monthly rebates are currently only available in the San Diego County Area. Instant referral awards are $4 in California and Las Vegas area.

P.O. Box 827

Ramona, California [ZIP 92065]

Phone (760) 644-3280

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