Basic Support Tips    

Before calling our NetWARM technical support, try the following:

For Dial-up Access Troubles
-Make sure your telephone line is currently good and usable.
-Make sure the dial-up number is entered correctly and that the modem is actually dialing.
-Make sure both your user name and password are entered correctly.
-If it doesn't work the first time, try it again a few more times.
-If a second dial-up number, or a third one, is available, you can try to use it instead.
-If it still doesn't work, try again about 15 minutes later.

For troublesome computer behavior, such as very slow response, etc.
-Save all your current work in progress, exit existing programs, and then restart computer (reboot).
-Then resume your work as before, but now with a more responsive computer.

Additional support tips will be provided here if they just might be of some basic help to you.

For more in depth on-line technical support, go to:

-If you still need technical assistance and if it isn't urgent, your can send your questions by e-mail to: (NetWARM will do are best to reply within 24 hours.)

-Or, if it is a more pressing matter, you are invited to call our technical support number at: (760) 644-3280
If you don't get us at that moment please leave a detailed message and how we can get back with you.

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